I chose India as one of my sites because I find it very intriguing. The food, clothing, the pride they take in showing off their beautiful religion. The typical sari or bindi comes to mind when you think about India. But really there is so much more to those things. You can’t just wear a sari or bindi without going through all the things it takes, or without knowing the meaning behind those things. I will like to find out all the things behind Indian culture and religious objects so that when I see them I understand the meaning of it.

So now, lets get started on the many aspects of Indian culture.

First, lets start with religion, what is the meaning of a sari, why do most Indian people wear bindis? what religion do most Indian people follow?

The main religion that people follow in India is Hinduism, Indian women wear saris because that’s what most women wore back in 2800-1800 BC, there are many style of draping and the look of your sari says a lot about you. Bindis are worn to represent the sixth chakra or third eye in between out eyebrows or forehead.


Food- India has a verity of foods, Indian food is one of my favorite foods. Some popular foods are

Chicken Tikka Masada-

Chicken Tikka Masala is chicken in a yogurt gravy


There is also Chole which is a Chick bean curry

Curry is a spice typically used in most Indian dishes


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